All ToYoya clothing is produced in Bali using fibers and dyes, sourced in Indonesia. Made from all-natural cotton and cotton/lycra materials, each piece is designed with chic practicality in mind, so you can bend and stretch in style and comfort. Flaunting breathable, water-absorbent, stretch-friendly fabrics that stay in shape throughout your workout, each piece is carefully custom-constructed to compliment the yoga practice.

Handcrafting is an important aspect of the ToYoga construction process, and each garment is hand-dyed, making each piece truly unique. Natural colors are used as much as possible. Prints are created using the ‘Sablon Print’ method – an ancient screen-printing technique that uses a woven silkscreen mesh and ink-blocking stencil to transfer ink-printed designs. Subsequently , natural ‘imperfections’ are the result of this labor-intensive process. Each crystal is hand-stitched onto each piece individually by local Indonesian artisans.